MultiDSLA for the Enterprise

Enterprise VoIP networks deliver quality services while keeping costs down and adding flexibility for changing business demands.

The benefits promised by moving to a single VoIP network are now being realized, but with this move comes a risk of poor call quality.

Although speech traffic is “just another form of data”, it is often the life-blood of a busy business. Our solutions are used by customers in the Financial, Oil, Retail and Transport industries to manage call quality and troubleshoot any inevitable hiccoughs.

Things we hear as important from our customers are:

Voice Quality of Experience for the Enterprise


MultiDSLA removes personal opinion and uncertainty when benchmarking a VoIP service. The industry standard measurements embedded in MultiDSLA provide accurate and repeatable assessment of a network. Confirm performance during trials, commissioning phases and in-life. All results are stored in an SQL database allowing you to compare benchmarks. Benchmarking is particularly relevant when changing network usage patterns, for example the introduction of cloud computing.

SLA Management

When you need to confirm that your supplier is meeting their SLA obligations you need a test tool that is respected by the service providers. MultiDSLA is used extensively to validate services in the top Telecom Labs around the world, including those belonging to AT&T, BT, Orange, NTT, KDDI, and Telstra. MultiDSLA can be used to confirm not only the speech quality performance, but also delay, echo, levels, DTMF transparency; all important in delivering adequate call quality.

Easy and Flexible Test Setup

Connecting two IP phones to MultiDSLA couldn’t be easier – the handset cords of the phones snap directly into the MultiDSLA system. We have worked hard to make sure that setting up a test is quick. We can connect, with the breadth of interfaces we provide, any equipment into a test whether they are legacy PBX extensions, the latest smart phone, the PSTN or a point within your IP network.

Unattended Operation

MultiDSLA’s drag ‘n’ drop test execution allows you to run a few tests with ease. When it comes to stepping up the test rate – creating long-duration and repeating test cycles – MultiDSLA is ready with the automation tools to simplify, save time and money. Add to this a flexible alerting system which warns via email or SNMP when things go astray, and you have a full test management toolkit for voice.

Active Monitoring

Frequent, regular speech quality tests across the network provide coherent view of performance over time. A rolling real-time report of network performance pinpoints unexpected changes in Key Performance Indicators (KPI), giving confidence in network health and early warning of instability. KPI graphs can be displayed in the MultiDSLA GUI or a web browser and can be scaled and customised to suit large as well as small screens.

Conference Call Testing

MultiDSLA’s built-in Conference Call support makes it just as easy to test the performance of a many-way call as a normal telephone call. A series of drag ‘n’ drop movements involve any number of test ‘participants’ in a conference call, measuring all the key indicators; each ‘participant’ speaks in turn and the speech received by each of the other ‘participants’ is evaluated, giving a thorough analysis of conference bridge and network.


MultiDSLA not only presents you with high-level performance data, it also allows you to drill-down into sets of results to investigate the underlying causes of user dissatisfaction with telephone call quality. We have developed a unique range of graphical tools for the visualisation of complex data – so whether you are looking for an elusive distortion, a DTMF decoding problem or an excessive call set-up time – MultiDSLA will make the problem visible.