Automated monitoring of your network & applications

  • Isolate problem domains faster, running wired & wireless tests simultaneously from agents to agents, or to real services,
  • Replay any traffic on your network in record time, using the built-in PCAP files converter,
  • Become the Hero of troubleshooting, locating performance bottlenecks in seconds with quick validation tests and multi-segment analysis,
  • Easily validate new application or communication service (e.g. Skype) with pre-deployment assessment campaign,
  • Mitigate the impact of Shadow IT with unparalleled visibility and control over end-user experience from across the internet all the way up to the cloud,
  • Balance lack of local resources by remotely monitoring your WiFi infrastructure, and comparing its performance with wireline access of the same unique agent.

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New insights into your network

With Digital Transformation, the traditional borders of your network have vanished. Critical IT components go beyond control, while you still take the blame if anything goes wrong.

Qual IT is an active monitoring solution that provides deep insights and new visibility into the end-users experience on your network and application services performance, when they connect:

  • With anyone,
  • To any app,
  • On any device,
  • At any time,
  • From anywhere.
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Qual'IT helps you gain full visibility and control of your entreprise network... end to end

Using agents from across the Internet, within your corporate network, or employee devices, Qual IT centrally automates active tests simulating user application traffic and retrieves actionable key performance and usage metrics all the way up to the application server and the cloud as required.

  • Respond to issues before they impact revenue
  • Isolate problem domains
  • Triage WiFi, WAN, Datacenter or SaaS supplier issues
  • Exonerate the network easily
  • Troubleshoot only when relevant
  • Locate issues for faster time to resolution
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All you need is...

  • A central control 

  • Software agent or hardware boxe

MacBook Pro

Cloud Saas & Hosted Apps

Monitor end-user access to applications.

Any device, anywhere, anytime.

WiFi & Mobility

Monitor Wi-Fi connectivity and performance from users device.

Compare wired and wireless access performance.

Troubleshoot remotely from your desk.

Voip Vidéo & Conferencing

 Assure availability and quality of new Unified Communications services (e.g., Skype Enterprise).

Multi-Segment Analysis

Quickly identify performance bottlenecks.

Get faster to root cause.

PCAP Tracefile Converter

Convert any TCP, UDP or RTP tracefile into Qual IT scenarios

Replay the traffic endlessly from anywhere using deployed agents.


One instance, multiple customers - internal or external

Build your own managed service.

Separate domains with specific views, tests, and privileges.

Service Monitoring

Respond to issues before they impact your employees, customers, and revenue. Run 24*7 tests among many available: TCP, HTTP(S), VoIP, Video Streaming, Peer To Peer, ...

Interactive Maps

Health Status between agents show up in real time.

Any map - geographical or representative of your Lines of Business.

Your only limit is your own imagination.

Network Performance & QoS

Network, VoIP, Video and WiFi dedicated dashboards.

Health Status by type of tests, application, or geography.

Schedule and receive custom reports by email or on a repository.

Dashboards & Reports

Exonerate your network with agents-to-agents active testing.

Validate links throughput performance.

Check QoS is propagated correctly.

Monitor SLA compliance from your WAN/SaaS suppliers.

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