About us  

Opale Systems has specialised in voice quality assessment for over 50 years. Formerly under the brand name Malden Electronics, then just Malden, then J3Tel, then Tenedis and finally Opale Systems. Over the years, our solutions have evolved to serve the needs of our users and to provide cutting-edge innovation and indisputable results.


Malden electronics is created. British Telecom asked  Malden Electronics to build a device that shows the level of a speech: the SV6 for Speech Voltmeter 6. This device evolved to become the DSLA currently used all around the globe.



J3Tel is born. A company specialized in measurement tools.


J3Tel distributes Malden electronics products.



J3Tel got the idea of  a products called Qual’IT with the original idea to develop a network active testing software to assess IP networks performance  


J3Tel becomes Tenedis and builds a Business Unit dedicated to software and Hardware solution development. In the meantime Tenedis buys the intellectual property of Malden electronics



Opale Systems is created as a spin-off of Tenedis and becomes a member of the SoftNext cluster, a group of companies operating in the field of software and mobile applications, in order to accelerate its growth and implement its development strategy.


Reactivity: We are committed to providing an answer to each customer request in less than 48 hours, to ensure deadlines are met.

Professionalism: We are committed to providing each customer with competent professionals who demonstrate a deep and sincere commitment to the company and its customers.

Reliability: We are committed to listening to each customer and meeting each of their expectations.

Adaptability: We consider each of our clients' constraints in our interventions and support.

Confidentiality: We are committed to maintaining the utmost confidentiality to preserve the privacy of our clients.

Improvement: We are committed to improving our practices to always guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Respect for the environment: Recycling and recovery of computer waste; fight against planned obsolescence.

Sustainable development: A partnership with customers and suppliers, based on long-term loyalty. Respect for contractual commitments between customers and suppliers.


Quality: To strive for quality improvement in the interest of the customer

Innovation: To show passion and initiative, thinking outside the box to find the most effective solutions for our customers

Customer satisfaction: To support all our customers with value creation and proximity

Respect: To favour and maintain fair and long-lasting relationships between employees and our customers to create productive and quality exchange


Company details 


Southern Paris, France

Year founded


Company size

10 - 50 employees

Company type

Privately held 


Reference Speech Quality Assessment, POLQA, PESQ, Network Performance, Active Testing, Network Monitoring