Malden at 4G World in Chicago 25-27 October

Aymeric TIBURCE Company News

Malden will be on stand 824 at 4G World this month in Chicago. We will be pleased to give you an overview of how the industry leading MultiDSLA system uses the new metric – ITU-T P.863 POLQA – to provide meaningful measurements across a variety of technologies including 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and VoIP. Some of the main capabilities of the MultiDSLA that …


Calibrate levels for optimum MOS

Aymeric TIBURCE How-to, Lab

In this how-to we explain how adjusting the level at which we run the test significantly influences the measured speech quality of the connection.

Process files with PESQ using MultiDSLA v4.1

Aymeric TIBURCE How-to, New Releases

This release adds a new File Processing option, improves debugging experience of call setup issues, provides improvements to node configuration management, allows opening and analysis of sound files, adds a new 3GPP2 acoustic test along with numerous other enhancements and bug fixes.