Voice Quality Management as a Service

Opale Systems specialises in producing data based on measurements. Being network metrics or voice quality, our solutions produce a lot of data. Time to transform a pile of records into a meaningful and insightful representation. Time to transform data into answers.

So... What do we have?
We start with MultiDSLA that produces test results based on its hardware (DSLA) or its software agent (VPP/VPP+). This data is then moved, stored and organised in the cloud.

What do you get? 
A URL with on demand dashboards that you can customise, tailor made to your needs.
By default there are 3 levels of information:
- a management view: How is my voice service performing? How it performed? what is the trend?
- A technician view: I need to to troubleshoot my voice service. Where do I have issues?
- An engineering view: I need to deeply understand issues, I need to plan capacity, I need to ensure the quality of the service I provide.

Who desperately needs VQMaaS?
Any organisation that qualifies, audits, integrates, troubleshoots, provides voice service to internal or external customers: Operators, regulators, enterprise, integrators, manufacturers.

See how it looks like here: https://youtu.be/E42iOtFZVkA and don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel.

Frédéric Macaigne

Conference bridge availability dashboards