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Voice Quality Test System for Voice Engineers and Support Teams

MultiDSLA Controller
  • Voice Quality Of Experience - Delivers true and objective Voice quality perceived by end users
  • Standards Based Analysis - Repeatable and accurate measurements based on international standards (PESQ, POLQA®).
  • Universal - Unparalleled interoperability allows call performance testing between any end points in analogue, digital, mobile or IP domains
  • Test Design Flexibility - Automation engine enables to create any test you need. Your imagination is your only limit.
  • Smart Analytics - Full drill-down and detailed graphical analysis help resolve problems quickly
  • Seamless Integration - Comprehensive API enables you to automate MultiDSLA from anywhere, by any application, at any level
  • Scalable Architecture - Modular, Scalable Architecture makes it usable from the product Lab environment to Enterprise Network Operations

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