Who uses POLQA (P.863)?

50% of POLQA Sales made to Operators in the First Year  

POLQA (ITU-T P.863) was published by the ITU in January 2011.  We released one of the first commercial implementations of POLQA in August of the same year.  The year that has passed since we released POLQA has certainly been a year of learning.   In the first few months we discovered what works and what doesn’t work quite so well with the new speech quality measurement standard.  We published this information in a series of posts found here (Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4).

The graph below shows how we see the POLQA uptake in our various market segments.  For us, it’s interesting that Operators seem keener to test products with the new standard than the vendors making them.

To provide a reference point for this, the graph below is a view of how our sales were distributed by market segment over the same period.

But why are people buying POLQA?

We have found that POLQA is popular with people working on HD-Voice type products.  POLQA is a must if your devices offer a variety of audio bandwidths. We have also found that customers have bought POLQA to compare its scores with their PESQ tests.  This is a good idea if we wish to learn how to use POLQA before it becomes the industry norm.  One user commented “I’d prefer to know how my products measured with POLQA before I’m told by my customers.”

Try before you buy?

If you are an existing MultiDSLA user and you would like to try POLQA then we can provide a 14-day FREE evaluation for you to do just that.

If you are not a MultiDSLA user then request a POLQA demo so that we can help you build the best solution for your speech quality testing needs.

Contact Opale Systems or your distributor for more information.

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