Product Qualification for Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Product qualification for local audio streaming has become more critical than ever

black wireless headphones between Apple Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse on white surface

Under ideal conditions, the streaming process has no effect on the music or voice listening experience, which is governed by the codec used, the quality of the transducers and their enclosures, and the expectation of the user. Under non-ideal conditions however, the streaming process can give rise to breaks in the decoded audio delivered to and by the loudspeaker or headphones.

Who can say he never ever got any poor conversational experience during a mobile phone call to a friend using a badly designed bluetooth audio car system?  If you had just purchased the very latest generation but also the very expensive high definition audio loudspeakers, what would you thing if you were to hear music breaks or distortions when streaming from your favorite tablet or smartphone device ?

Potential causes of non-ideal performance include:

  • Unsuitable pairing combinations
  • Radio-frequency interference - e.g. Wi-Fi interference to Bluetooth
  • Multi-path signal fading due to radio signal reflections
  • Equipment used close to the limit of its range
  • ...

Learn how to perform torough product qualification and testing for audio streaming performance via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, using our Audio Streaming Integrity (ASI) feature.

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