POLQA added to MultiDSLA v4.2

Release of MultiDSLA v4.2

The release of MultiDSLA v4.2 sees the arrival of ITU-T Rec. P.863 POLQA®.  This is a big step forward in the measurement of speech quality on networks as it produces consistent scores on modern codecs. POLQA also extends speech quality measurement to super-wideband codecs often found in video-conferencing systems.


POLQA is a software option, if you wish to evaluate it on your existing MultiDSLA installation contact us now.

The screen-shot below shows how a "perfect" super-wideband result of 4.75 (highest score given by POLQA in super-wideband mode) when measuring between 2 Malden analogue channels.

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PESQ – Perceptual Evaluation Speech Quality