New Features in MultiDSLA – Smartphone Control

Smartphone Control – A new option in MultiDSLA

Smartphone Control – A new option in MultiDSLA for managing mobile phone testing. The initial release supports Android; Blackberry, Windows and IOS support will follow.

Automating mobile phone call set-up and teardown using the phone’s handsfree pushbutton and inbuilt facilities can be complicated. Smartphone Control simplifies the process and provides some useful data from the phone.

MultiDSLA Node Configuration

Download an app from the MultiDSLA webpage to the smartphone, install the app, start the Smartphone Control service. Put the smartphone IP address into MultiDSLA Node Configuration along with the phone number. Now launch the test.

Call state information confirms call setup and call drop. RF signal levels at the beginning and end of the call extend the useful data recorded by MultiDSLA in lab and drive test applications.

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