MultiDSLA reverse management

Ease the implementation of MultiDSLA, VPP and DSLA and manage your voice quality as a service

How Voice Quality products from Opale Systems MultiDSLA, VPP and DSLA will integrate your cloud infrastructure way easier than ever?

MultiDSLA and its nodes VPP and DSLA: the genesis

When developing the automation suite for DSLA nodes, a choice had to me made: will the console contact its nodes or will the nodes contact the console? The choice at that time was easy because most DSLAs where located in labs at operators or manufacturers. It was then a lot more performant to let the console contact the nodes when a test was required.

New use of DSLA and VPP for Voice Quality monitoring

More and more requests hit our mailboxes to require voice monitoring. Companies want to monitor the service they receive from external suppliers: cloudified telephony. In fact, Opale needs to acknowledge 3 facts:
- Voice is becoming even more important in those days remote working becomes a standard
- Companies have lost control on the technicality behind telephony and externalised the service.
- VoIP monitoring becomes mandatory because this service provided to internal and external customers is essential.

The question then becomes crucial: how to reach a node when it is somewhere in a cloud you have no control on and you don't even know where it is, sometimes not even in what country it is?

The solution is to invert the initiation of the communication between a node and its console.

Side benefit: when a company needs hundreds of nodes for VoIP monitoring from multiple locations, it becomes easy to setup security rules to allow them to reach the console.

VoIP infrastructure quality monitoring: VQMaaS

You now have the prefect solution to monitor your voice infrastructure in general, your VoIP in particular. MultiDSLA will produce data to help you manage the voice service you provide to internal or external customers. You can use multiDSLA to observe your infrastucture, you can pull or push data to your own data lake or you can benefit from Opale Systems' Voice Quality Management as a Service. You can see how it looks like here: VQMaaS 

You also can see the VQMaaS demo on Opale Systems' youtube channel: don't forget to subscribe.

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