Metric Server

Solution to extract MOS when you already have voice degraded files

When you already produced your degraded files based on standard or your own reference voice files, Opale Systems has the solution to let you measure your Mean Opinion Score (MOS) with PESQ or POLQA or the Objective Difference Grade (ODG) and many other metrics: Metric Server.

How do you measure MOS and metrics that will help you troubleshoot the voice or sound infrastructure you measure with Metric Server ?

Many companies have their own test beds where they can send reference files and extract degraded files.  Metric Server is your solution.

Let's imagine two different test beds with Metric server:

I develop an application of Push To Talk over Cellular (PTToC) for a mission critical department (MCPTT).

During my tests, I used the ITU P863 files as reference files that I did inject in the sender mobile phone and I did record the result, the degraded files, on many receiver phones. I then have a set of reference files and degraded files. Metric server will automate the generation of MOS using your choice of algorithm depending on the frequency band you need (narrow band, wide band, super wide band or full band) and produce a flat file with the result. Of course it can be automated using an API.

The limitation of POLQA licenses has to be considered as the basic licence is limited to 8 hours of test per hour of processing.

I develop a Bluetooth sound transmission stack.

I send music files to my stack that is connected to whatever receiver through Bluetooth. I have a way to record degraded files on the receiver and therefore I have the couples reference/degraded files and I need to extract ODG using PEAQ.
Metric Server will automate the generation of ODG using its GUI or a choice of API. 

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