Malden has a new home, Opale Systems

Malden becomes Opales Systems, but the Speech Quality Assessment products MultiDSLA and MetricServer don't change

After 20 years delivering the best-performing speech quality measurement systems to network operators, infrastructure and handset manufacturers, Kevin Cross, CEO of Malden Electronics Ltd., decided it was time to hang up his famous DSLA and retire.

Opale Systems, a J3TEL business unit, is now the new home of the respected Malden Speech Quality Assessment products MultiDSLA and MetricServer. We are specialists in Performance Measurement solutions for more than 30 years, and a successful long term Malden distributor in France for nearly 20 years.

In addition to MultiDSLA and MetricServer products, there are additional products: Qual-IT

We are very proud of having acquired the Intellectual Property of Malden Solutions. QOE oriented, they define and confirm performance standards all over the world.

Opale systems also provides Qual-IT, a QOS oriented active measurement solution allowing both Service Provider and Enterprise customers to validate, troubleshoot and monitor latest IP based voice and video services, and underlying network performance.

Please be sure that our top priority is to deliver the excellence that you rely upon, and that we are committed to develop and improve the solution in all aspects in the coming months and years. We have acquired Malden because we are strong fans for many years and see the value brought to our customers on a daily basis.

Contact Opale Systems or your distributor for more information.

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