Conference bridge availability dashboards

You implemented a server to allow your users and customers to call you easily? You use a conferencing application to keep contact simultaneously with your team members?

How can you be sure of the user experience? Can you verify that each and every link happens correctly when your users connect through a public phone number?

Conference bridges are extremely handy, and they have to be monitored. It is therefore important to have access to your conference bridges availability and quality dashboards.

Conference bridges: A solution to be monitored

Conferencing systems are very simple solutions to organise a meeting with multiple participants through Skype, Zoom, Teams or many others. It also can be a tool to guide customers to access a telephony platform such as an IVR. This will redirect the caller to the right correspondent in the organisation or trigger automatic and interactive answers linked with the choice of the caller.

As an example, when a customer calls his bank or a train service, he will be redirected to support, payment processing, ticket change etc…

Understand the QoE (Quality of Experience)

If conferencing is an incredible tool, it also can create frustration and miss the point when it doesn’t work as it should. The truth is it is extremely difficult to monitor and measure the availability and quality of telephone bridges and therefor it is extremely difficult to understand the QoE (Quality of Experience).

For example, a company that manages pensions for retirement who asks callers to key in their member number, being using telephone keypad or through vocal recognition, must ensure the redirection is correctly done and given answers belong to the caller. The same is true for a company that invites many employees to connect through a conference bridge: it must guaranty the best experience to all participants.

Quality and performance of the conference bridge is then a major issue for the QoE, meaning for the quality of the users’ experience.

How to test the availability and quality of your conference bridges?

It is crucial to test the availability and the quality of your conference bridges to propose the best experience to your customers, users and business partners.

Tenedis did implement a solution that mimics the behaviour of your users to verify each step of the scenario happens correctly.

How ?

Tenedis uses the solution Opale Systems develops to automate tests and provide results extremely fast. As a matter of fact, it is not unusual issues are shown during the PoC phase.

In less than a week, robots start calling your bridges and play tailor-made scenarios: you define what you want to test, we implement the tests. The possibilities are huge : it can be from multiple operators, to multiple bridges. The robot will listen to the automatic message and provide a quality score (MOS for Mean Opinion score) defined by ITU (International Telecom Union) and go deeper in your IVR by playing DTMF or play some voice files in the case of voice recognition.

All results will be displayed in a dashboard, some reports or available through an API.

Tenedis has the capability to assist in the analysis of the results and provide some audit specialists on demand.

This tailor-made reporting enables you to identify accurately and quickly the issues. This will help to provide reactivity and to anticipate the needs while maintaining the QoE.

Testing the Quality of Service (QoS) of the services

You will maintain and improve users’ satisfaction by testing the Quality of Service (QoS) of the services you provide through public phone numbers. Tenedis proposes quality and availability innovative dashboards, tailor made and easy to understand. The flexible and efficient solution offers a tremendous ROI, doesn’t require any implementation on your sites and is fully OPEX.

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