v5.3.0 MultiDSLA Upgrade How-To

We've just released the new MultiDSLA v5.3.0, and we hope you will enjoy all the great new features, and the improved stability of the system.

But before anything else, and particularly before installing the new v5.3.0 software update, please ensure you do perform the required instructions steps described below. Because the new release takes into account the new support and maintenance policy, these few steps will ensure you have a "maintenance key" on your currently running version before you actually proceed with the installation itself.

NB: To get access to the new software release and download latest updates you must have created an account and registered your product in the new Software Maintenance Portal. For any help, please read the Software Maintenance Portal Documentation.

Maintenance Key Update Procedure

This procedure explains how to check and associate the current key of your Opale Systems software with the maintenance key.

1. Check the maintenance date in your Opale Systems software key


  • Open the key manager in Start -> Malden Electronics -> Key Manager

  • You should have a list of the licenses installed on the computer with the attached options:

  • On "installed Keys" tab, if  a maintenance expiration date is specified on the first line, like in the above screenshot, and it is still valid, then you are good to go and install the v5.3.0.


  • If no maintenance expiration date is specified, just follow the Key Update Procedure below.

2. Key update procedure

If you have a Dongle Key

  • Send a request by mail to have your updated key file to Opale System support team (support@opalesystems.com) with the software serial number of your license (the present in the blurred part of the previous screenshots).
  • We will send you the updated key file to update your dongle.
  • Once this file received, click on the “Add Options” button at the bottom right of the key manager interface and select the received file.
  • The license key is now updated on your dongle, and you can proceed with MultiDSLA v5.3.0  update installation.


If you have a Software Key

  • In this case, you’ll need to generate a request string by pressing the “Request” button in the key manager interface.

  • Send the request key string to Opale System support team (support@opalesystems.com) along with the software serial number of your license (the blurred part of the above screenshots).

  • Once you receive the license string from the Opale Systems support team, go back to key manager and open the second tab named "Requests", select your request string in the list.
  • Copy the given authorisation string in the in the textbox and click on the “Install” button as illustrated below:

  • The maintenance key is now updated on your system, and you can proceed with MultiDSLA v5.3.0  update installation.
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