Testing iPhone Voice Quality with MultiDSLA

These instructions explain how to install and run the iPhone app in 5 easy steps:

  1. In the iPhone app store search for “smartphone control”. When found, install the app.

  2. Start the “Smartphone Control” app either by clicking on the Open button, or clicking on the app tile in the phone’s home-screen. When running, the screen will display the following:

  3. Connect the iPhone to the DSLA handset port and control jack using a Malden supplied Smartphone cable.
  4. Configure the DSLA node connected to the iPhone in MultiDSLA as shown below:

    Set the “Phone to Control” property to the WiFi network IP address of the iPhone. Add the iPhone number in the "Numbers for this Node" property.
    Enable the Call Progress setting if you wish to measure Post Dial Delay.
  5. Run your test by making a test call from the iPhone node to the destination node. The iPhone will automatically place the call.

When the test call ends, the iPhone presents the call log screen, shown below:

iOS only allows certain categories of application to run in the background. Unfortunately, Smartphone Control does not fit into any of these categories. If you wish to make another test call you must reopen the Malden Smartphone control app. This can be done by clicking on the app tile in the home-screen. This is only required when using the iPhone to place calls.  If the iPhone is receiving a call then unattended operation is possible.
Results are Portable with Speech Performance Viewer