MultiDSLA v5.3.0 New Release

Today, we are proud to announce the first new release since Opale Systems took over Malden business. In addition to a number of bug fixes, and resolution of some stability issues, this release particularly incorporates 2 new features long awaited by many MultiDSLA users.

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New Audio Streaming Integrity (ASI) Option. An innovative metric for continuous assessment of audio streaming over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The Audio Streaming Integrity (ASI) metric is a new optional feature for the Opale MultiDSLA v5.3.0 test system. ASI detects, qualifies, records and logs breaks or distortions in audio continuity over any test period. It provides also a cumulative count plus the duration and timestamp of each anomaly.

ASI has been created specifically for Quality Assurance Lab engineering teams designing and validating products, such as:

  • Subscription media services
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Home media servers
  • Wireless loudspeakers and headphones
  • Automotive audio systems with Bluetooth

Audio Streaming Integrity new release Option

The typical ASI applications are:

  • Validation of local streaming performance.
  • Evaluation of Bluetooth pairing combinations.
  • Characterisation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

→ For more information, go to the ASI product page or download our ASI Datasheet

Improved QoS support in VoxPort Packet (VPP/VPP+) node.

VPP/VPP+ node device now supports DSCP QoS Tagging on the RTP traffic generated during speech performance assessment calls.

  • In the node manager, you can now configure the QoS DSCP settings for RTP traffic.
  • These settings are: None, CS1-7, AF11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, 33, 41, 42, 43, EF.

VPP now supports QoS in the new release 5.3.0

Bug Fixes

Please refer to the v5.3.0 Release Notes for the exhaustive list. Some fixes are listed below :

  • Log rolling policy implementation for communication.log file
  • Data type mismatch between MultiDSLA application and the database on very specific context could cause application crash
  • History folder cleaning process fixed
  • TerminateAllTest API call not working when tests paused
  • Chinese version of test plan apply button fixed
  • ...
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