From Small Beginnings…

Nick Fox Case Study, General

In the beginning Sometimes relationships with our customers develop in quite spectacular ways.  Such is the case for Opale’s relationship with a major European voice services provider, dating back to 2009.  At that time the provider was seeking objective analysis of voice quality in its Engineering labs.  So the company sent out a small managerial and technical team to investigate …

Case Study: Tech Giant

Nick Fox Case Study

The “Gigantic” Background The Tech Giant in question already had MultiDSLA systems when they approached us for a solution to process large quantities of recordings to provide voice quality and audio quality scores.  This was clearly a requirement for MetricServer, Opale’s high-performance platform for bulk POLQA, PESQ and PEAQ processing applications. The first step was straightforward – the customer wanted …

Application Focus: VPP+ for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)

Nick Fox Application Focus, Lab

  This month’s Application Focus discusses the evolution of the EVS codec and two use cases applicable to wireless network operators. We begin with a short reminder of what EVS is, how it is being adopted around the world, and the potential – and challenges – it presents to network operators. Background The 3GPP organization held a competition in which …

Customize MultiDSLA Results

Nick Fox How-to, In More Depth

Interesting fact: a fully-equipped MultiDSLA system can output more than 180 measurements and indicators!   Now, you really don’t want all of them at the same time, in the same spreadsheet, in some arbitrary order, do you?  We thought not.  Check out this video ‘how-to’ to see how to get just what you want out of your MultiDSLA.

Bring the Power of POLQA PESQ and PEAQ to your Quality Optimization Process

Nick Fox General

What’s it all about? The latest additions and improvements to the Opale Systems MetricServer platform bring the power of the ITU standardized metrics POLQA, PESQ and PEAQ to any organization wanting to take full control of its voice and audio quality optimization procedures.  Read on to learn about automated processing using MetricServer with cross-platform Application Program Interface (API) support. Background: …

Application Focus: Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Nick Fox Application Focus, General, How-to

Application Focus In this new series we shall highlight some of the applications of the MultiDSLA system. The aim is to build a concise and practical guide to the many applications in which MultiDSLA delivers reference measurements around the world. We begin with the subject of Push-to-Talk. Why Push-to-Talk? Push-to-Talk, often referred to as PTT, is a form of wireless …

POLQA vs PESQ – “Why does PESQ give a lower score?”

Nick Fox How-to, In More Depth, Lab

“Do I really need POLQA?” The question is understandable, as the cost of POLQA can be a little greater than the cost of PESQ. MultiDSLA customers recognize great value and sometimes want to pursue it to the limit!  Well, predictably, the answer is “It depends…” but to be more helpful Opale published a video outlining specific cases where POLQA is …

Troubleshooting Voice Quality

Nick Fox How-to, In More Depth, Lab, Network Performance

When a quick dash for the MOS is not enough The Task Sometimes that quick dash to fill a spreadsheet with Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) just won’t cut it. OK, we get it, your manager wants a report on the voice quality performance of widget X, so you reach for the test system.  And MOS is great, because it figures …

Network Testing – Quick Start Video series

Aymeric TIBURCE How-to, Network Performance

I’ve just started a Quick Start Videos to start network testing in less than 10 mins  from installation to test results viewing and reporting. How-to activate your license How-to install a software agent How-to create and schedule a network performance test How-to create and schedule a service performance test How-to view individual test results