Application Focus: Push-to-Talk (PTT)

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Application Focus In this new series we shall highlight some of the applications of the MultiDSLA system. The aim is to build a concise and practical guide to the many applications in which MultiDSLA delivers reference measurements around the world. We begin with the subject of Push-to-Talk. Why Push-to-Talk? Push-to-Talk, often referred to as PTT, is a form of wireless …

POLQA vs PESQ – “Why does PESQ give a lower score?”

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“Do I really need POLQA?” The question is understandable, as the cost of POLQA can be a little greater than the cost of PESQ. MultiDSLA customers recognize great value and sometimes want to pursue it to the limit!  Well, predictably, the answer is “It depends…” but to be more helpful Opale published a video outlining specific cases where POLQA is …

Troubleshooting Voice Quality

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When a quick dash for the MOS is not enough The Task Sometimes that quick dash to fill a spreadsheet with Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) just won’t cut it. OK, we get it, your manager wants a report on the voice quality performance of widget X, so you reach for the test system.  And MOS is great, because it figures …

Network Testing – Quick Start Video series

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I’ve just started a Quick Start Videos to start network testing in less than 10 mins  from installation to test results viewing and reporting. How-to activate your license How-to install a software agent How-to create and schedule a network performance test How-to create and schedule a service performance test How-to view individual test results

Know everything about MOS – Part 3: Reference Speech Files

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Selecting Reference Speech Files In this third episode of “Do you really know everything about MOS” video series, we explain how to select correct reference speech files for POLQA and PESQ voice quality tests. You will also learn how to verify the ITU compliance of the reference speech files you are actually using. There are 16 ITU requirements. (See P.863)  …

VoLTE Quality Assessment

Voice Quality Assessment for VoLTE Devices

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VoLTE device manufacturers’ challenge Modem chipset designers and cellular device manufacturers need to characterize the performance of their products. Not just under ‘ideal’ network conditions, but also in the ‘real world’ of packet loss and jitter. Network Operators too need to satisfy themselves about the voice quality delivered by new devices.  And this is not only when the network has …

POLQA & PESQ – Know everything about MOS – Part 2

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POLQA or PESQ? In this second episode of “Do you really know everything about MOS?” video series, we explore in more details ITU PESQ and POLQA MOS algorithms and related test methodologies. You will learn what are the limitations for each algorithm, and when to choose PESQ or POLQA (ITU P.863) depending on your situation.  This depends on several factors …

Best Practice #1 : Monitor your WAN Performance

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Monitor your WAN Performance is the second article of our “Lose the frustration and regainc Visibility and control” article series. In the first episode we introduced 5 Best Practices applied in the real world by Network Engineers: Monitor your WAN Service Provider Validate VoIP/Video Monitoring Service Assurance WLAN Connectivity and Performance Network Audit and Troubleshooting Today we’ll discuss the 1st …

Network Engineers: Lose The Frustration And Regain Visibility and Control

Aymeric TIBURCE How-to, Network Performance

This article depicts why and how enterprise network teams have seen their working environment totally transformed and become so complex in the past years. It then introduces 5 Network Engineer’s best practices that will, I hope, soothe your frustration of losing visibility, and show you how to regain full control of your end-user experience through your corporate network. The Digital …