• Active Network Monitoring Solution
    Active Network Monitoring Solution
  • Qual IT Console
    Qual IT Console
  • Qual IT Agents
    Qual IT Agents
  • Office 365 Monitoring
    Office 365 Monitoring
  • voip health status
  • Validate QoS Propagation
    Validate QoS Propagation
  • Multi-Segment
  • pcap converter
  • Interactive Maps
  • qualit dashboard
  • wifi connectivity


Automated Monitoring of your Network & Applications

  • Isolate problem domains faster, running wired & wireless tests simultaneously from agents to agents, or to real services,

  • Replay any traffic on your network in record time, using the built-in PCAP files converter,

  • Become the Hero of troubleshooting, locating performance bottlenecks in seconds with quick validation tests and multi-segment analysis,

  • Easily validate new application or communication service (e.g. Skype) with predeployment assessment campaign,

  • Mitigate the impact of Shadow IT with unparalleled visibility and control over end-user experience from across the internet all the way up to the cloud,

  • Balance lack of local resources by remotely monitoring your WiFi infrastructure, and comparing its performance with wireline access of the same unique agent.



New insights into your network

As Cloud Computing, BYOD, Unified Communications (e.g., Skype for Business), Video Streaming, and Wireless Mobility have bridged all communication gaps, critical IT components go beyond control while you still take the blame if anything goes wrong.

With Digital Transformation, the traditional borders of your network have vanished. Critical IT components go beyond control, while you still take the blame if anything goes wrong.

Qual IT is an active monitoring solution that provides deep insights and new visibility into the end-users experience on your network and application services performance, when they connect:

with anyone,

to any app,

on any device,

at any time,

from anywhere.

Qual IT helps you gain full visibility and control of your enterprise network… End to end!

Using agents from across the Internet, within your corporate network, or employee devices, Qual IT centrally automates active tests simulating user application traffic and retrieves actionable key performance and usage metrics all the way up to the application server and the cloud as required.

  • Respond to issues before they impact revenue
  • Isolate problem domains
  • Triage WiFi, WAN, Datacenter or SaaS supplier issues
  • Exonerate the network easily
  • Troubleshoot only when relevant
  • Locate issues for faster time to resolution
Using agents deployed across your enterprise network, Qual IT console will automate tests to permanently assess your network performance and measure the end user experience on your application services.

Assess your network performance between any strategic locations, and verify end users experience
on your application services from their own devices

All you need is...

A Central

The Central Console...

Intuitive web user interface
Multi-tenant architecture
Test setup & automation
Thresholds, alarms & notifications
Detailed Analysis
Dashboards & reports
100% RESTful API

Get the Freemium

Software Agents
or Hardware Boxes

The Agents/Boxes...

Run the tests
Measure KPI's
Send results back to console
Wired & wireless
Cross platforms and devices
Software agents available for free
Hardened boxes also offered

Get the Freemium

Start monitoring your network

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office365 monitoring using QualIT

Cloud SaaS & Hosted Apps

Monitor end-user access to applications.
Any device, anywhere, anytime.

VoIP Video & Conferencing

Assure availability and quality of new Unified Communications services (e.g., Skype Enterprise).
VoIP and Videoconference Quality Monitoring
office365 monitoring using QualIT

WiFi & Mobility

Monitor Wi-Fi connectivity and performance from users device.
Compare wired and wireless access performance.
Troubleshoot remotely from your desk.

Network Performance & QoS

Exonerate your network with agents-to-agents active testing.
Validate links throughput performance.
Check QoS is propagated correctly.
Monitor SLA compliance from your WAN/SaaS suppliers.
VoIP and Videoconference Quality Monitoring
office365 monitoring using QualIT

Multi-Segment Analysis

Quickly identify performance bottlenecks.
Get faster to root cause.

PCAP Tracefile Converter

Convert any TCP, UDP or RTP tracefile into Qual IT scenarios
Replay the traffic endlessly from anywhere using deployed agents.
VoIP and Videoconference Quality Monitoring
office365 monitoring using QualIT

Service Monitoring

Respond to issues before they impact your employees, customers, and revenue.
Run 24*7 tests among many available: TCP, HTTP(S), VoIP, Video Streaming, Peer To Peer, ...


One instance, multiple customers - internal or external
Build your own managed service.
Separate domains with specific views, tests, and privileges.
VoIP and Videoconference Quality Monitoring
office365 monitoring using QualIT

Interactive Maps

Health Status between agents show up in real time.
Any map - geographical or representative of your Lines of Business.
Your only limit is your own imagination.

Dashboards & Reports

Network, VoIP, Video and WiFi dedicated dashboards.
Health Status by type of tests, application, or geography.
Schedule and receive custom reports by email or on a repository.
VoIP and Videoconference Quality Monitoring


Title/Description Download
Qual IT Brochure - English
Automated monitoring of your network and applications performance

1.9 MB
Qual IT Brochure - French
Automated monitoring of your network and applications performance

1.9 MB
Title/Description Download
Tolly Group Endorsement Report
Tolly Report endorsing accuracy of Qual IT Network KPI's measurements.

470 KB


The Central Console

Server Console SpecsQUALIT-10-SRV to QUALIT-50-SRVQUALIT-100-SRV to QUALIT-500-SRV

VM Minimum Requirements for OVA

Active Monitor Ports1 x 1 Gbps Ethernet or more4 x 1 Gbps Ethernet or more

1 x 1 Gbps Ethernet

CPUIntel Xeon E3 Quad Core 1.8GHzIntel Xeon E5 Ten Core 2.2GHz4 vCPUs
Memory 8 GB16 GB 8 GB

Storage Capacity


1 TB

SATA RAID 1 (2x1TB) 

2 TB

SATA RAID 1+0 (4x1TB)

HW Warranty

3 years

Next Business Day

3 years

Next Business Day

Operating System


Debian Stretch


Debian Stretch

Linux Debian Stretch

Linux Redhat

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2016

The Hardware Agents

Hardware Agent SpecsBox-2x1GBox-4x1GBox-4x1GWLBox-10x1GBox-10G
Active Monitor Ports2 x 1 Gbps Ethernet4 x 1 Gbps Ethernet

4 x 1 Gbps Ethernet

1 x Wi-Fi 802.11 a,b,g,n,ac

10 x 1 Gbps Ethernet2 x 10 Gbps Ethernet
CPU Intel J1900 Quad Core 2GHzIntel J1900 Quad Core 2GHz Intel J1900 Quad Core 2GHz Intel J1900 Quad Core 2GHz Intel Xeon E3 Quad Core 1.8GHz 
Memory 4 GB4 GB 4 GB  8 GB8 GB
Storage60 GB SSD60 GB SSD 60 GB SSD  120 GB SSD 500 GB SATA
Multi Wi-Fi NoNoYes No No
Operating System

Linux Debian Stretch

The Software / Virtual Agents

Minimum RequirementsSoftware Agent
Active Monitor Ports

Any available interface with an IP address: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular (3G/4G/5G)

Operating Systems

Linux (Debian or Redhat based),
Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 (all editions),
Raspbian (for ARM based Raspberry Pi's),
Android v5 (lollipop) and above,