VPP Upgrade Promotion

Purchase a VPP upgrade with 1-Year Maintenance Now

and save up to $2 460 !

If you are MultiDSLA user with one or more of our good old "sVN" (Scalable Virtual Nodes) or an even earlier version, then this promotion has been made just for you!

Until June 30th 2017, you can purchase the upgrade (Ref.: VPPR or VPP+R) to the very latest generation of software "VPP" node (VoxPort Packet), at a very unprecedented price .

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VPP Upgrade Promotion Price Table (USD):

USD VPP PromotionUSD VPP+ Promo

VPP Upgrade Promotion Price Table (EUR)

EUR VPP PromotionEUR VPP+ Promo

Posted on: April 14th, 2017 | Categories: Latest News