VoxPort Packet for VoIP or VoLTE

VoxPort Packet (VPP) is a new generation SIP end-point providing VoIP signal generation and measurement capabilities within the IP domain or between the IP domain and the analogue domain. VPP brings state of the art speech test methods to VoIP or VoLTE networks, controlled by the MultiDSLA test platform.

Two versions of VPP offer basic or advanced capabilities. Both support a range of codecs, call setup trace and test signal management. The advanced version, VPP+, offers Packet Impairment and Codec Mode Request changes as well.






Typical applications

Basic, fixed license

Advanced, fixed license

Basic, floating license

Advanced, floating license

Active Monitoring – network-wide  •   •   •
VoIP network QA or lab test   •
VoLTE test – live network   •   •   •
VoLTE test with base station emulator   •
Mobile modem QA test   •

When working with VoIP and VoLTE networks and devices, the Packet Impairment capability of VPP+ provides accurate and repeatable lost packet or jitter aligned with the speech material being played out. For example, you can specify a particular packet to be lost during a period of speech and then explore the effects of moving the packet loss backwards or forwards in time. This works with multiple lost packets or your defined jitter sequence created with the Packet Impairment Designer.

packet impairment designer

generate impairment

Alternatively, % Packet Loss and Jitter can be defined directly in the Packet Impairment Designer. Using VPP+ not only avoids the cost of a separate impairment generator but also provides much more closely-defined and reproducible impairment patterns.

VPP+ can even build a Packet Impairment Profile from a Wireshark trace taken in a VoIP network or from a test using VPP or sVN, enabling problematic packet impairment conditions to be easily reproduced for analysis.

VoLTE native clients or OTT Apps performance can be evaluated with Packet Impairment, or the effects of changes to the Codec Mode can be explored. Again, the Codec Rate Change Designer can specify the exact moments in a pre-defined speech stream when the Transmit Rate Changes or Codec Mode Requests are to be made.

codec mode rate

VPP is part of the next generation of VoxCritical test products. VPP can be configured with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 or 30 channel capability. Alternatively, a floating license version with 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 channels is available. With first year software maintenance included, a software maintenance contract is available for VoxPort Packet for the second year and beyond.