MetricServer provides easy access to speech and music quality measurements on reference and degraded file pairs. Metrics include ITU-T Recommendations P.862.1/2 PESQ, P.863 POLQA, BS 1387 PEAQ plus P.56 Speech Level, Echo and Delay, DTMF Analysis.

Multiple users can analyse file pairs through the web-browser interface. File pairs can be specified in a batch file or through an API by another application. Results can be displayed, listed or returned your application. Malden’s powerful graphical analysis can be used to understand problems that might be identified and to confirm they have been resolved. MetricServer replaces the Speech Performance Analyser.

Test Automation

Test AutomationDesigned to work with your test bed, we provide an extensive programming API, with specific support for Python, PERL, SOAP & TCL as well as a mode for any general purpose programming language including C# and C++.


Analyse the Result Data Graphically

Filter ResultsThe test results generated by MetricServer can be viewed in numerous ways within the application. A new cascaded filter in conjunction with a measurement profile helps you extract different slices through your result data. Determine that certain measurements help you identify a particular problem and simply save these in a profile to make future report generation quick and easy.

Manage Files and View Results with Any Device

browsersProcess files and view the result data through Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.