Analogue (DSLA)

The DSLA is a high-quality 2, 4 or 6 channel analogue hardware device designed by Opale Systems with an optimal interface for voice-band test.

Products are known as DSLA IIC, DSLA C4 and DSLA C6.

Each channel offers three modes of connection to connect reliably to any type of analogue system you may need to test. Connect to the handset port on a VoIP phone, the 2-wire line connection to a PBX or PSTN and to the hands-free port of a mobile phone or a sound card in a PC.

Technical Specifications

Front Panel Interfaces

  • Two, four or six telephone line ports (600 Ω or complex impedance) on RJ11. Output level limited to +6dBm. DTMF or Pulse dialling
  • Two, four or six balanced and floating handset inputs (10kΩ) and outputs (25 Ω) on RJ22. Output level attenuated by 28dB. Network isolated.
  • Two balanced and floating inputs (600 ± 0.1 Ω or 1 MΩ) and outputs (600 ± 0.1 Ω) on 4mm sockets (DSLA IIC only)
  • Monitor output(s) with switching/mixing of input and output of each channel pair
  • 4 or 6 x 3.5mm jacks for control purposes (DSLA C4 and C6)

Back Panel Interfaces

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, IPv4 for each channel pair
  • RS232 9-way serial for each channel pair
  • 4 x 3.5mm jacks for external synchronisation and control purposes (DSLA IIC)
  • 4 or 6 x 3.5mm jacks for external synchronisation (DSLA C4 and C6)

Signal Generation

  • Sample Rates 8k, 16k & 32k or 8k, 16k & 48k
  • Sound file output levels -99dBm to +10dBm
  • Sine wave 20Hz to 22kHz, -99dBm to +10dBm, any duration
  • Swept sine wave 20Hz to 22kHz, -99dBm to +10dBm any duration
  • White, Gaussian white, pink noise -99dBm to +10dBm any duration
  • DTMF, -99dBm to +10dBm any duration, user definable twist, frequency offset and break duration
  • Two independent tracks on each channel to create complex mixed signals

Measurement Performance

  • Sample Rates 8k, 16k, 32k or 8k, 16k & 48k
  • Linearity 0.1dB for levels -60 to +10dBm
  • Linearity 0.1dB for frequencies 20Hz to 22 kHz
  • Noise floor -85dBm or better
  • Range of measured levels -75dBm to +19dBm
  • Minimum measurable mean active speech level -65dBm
  • Dynamic range of balanced inputs 110dB (DSLA IIC)

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions:  DSLA IIC 72mm high x 218mm wide x 200 deep
  • Dimensions:  DSLA C4 and C6 86mm high x 385mm deep, 19 inch rack mounting
  • Weight: 3Kg/5Kg excluding packaging and accessories

Operating Conditions

  • Power Supply: DSLA IIC 100-240V AC or 9-18V DC, 12W
  • Power Supply: DSLA C4 C6 100-240V AC, 21/27W
  • Temperature Range: -2 to 40oC

Approvals and Compliance

  • RoHS: Hazardous substances:
  • WEEE: Disposal of hazardous parts
  • CE
  • FCC