Use products in the VoxCritical range to evaluate speech transmission performance in networks, through end-points, anywhere.

  • Efficiently manage the test design, execution, and analysis of voice-band performance
  • Boost test productivity
  • Get immediate insights into performance problems
  • Rely on a stable technologies trusted the world over

VoxCritical products support a broad range of test needs, including

  • Terminal development
  • SIP phone test bed
  • UMA performance and handover analysis
  • Echo canceller analysis
  • DTMF Analysis


  • Regression testing
  • Conference bridge testing
  • Speech quality optimisation in all networks
  • Speech quality/load evaluation
  • Codec evaluation
  • Electro-Acoustic conformance
  • Testing MP3 players
  • Network element development
  • Vendor selection
  • DSP performance measurement

VoxCritical products use many international standard test methods, including


VoxPort Packet for VoIP or VoLTE

VoxPort Packet (VPP) tests voice band performance to or from VoIP or VoLTE endpoints in a network. For example. tests carried out between a VoLTE terminal and a VPP node can evaluate the effect of Packet Loss, Jitter, Transmit Rate Change and other impairments upon speech transmission performance problems.

Product Categories: VoxCritical.


MetricServer provides easy access to speech and music quality measurements on reference and degraded file pairs. Metrics include ITU-T Recommendations P.862.1/2 PESQ, P.863 POLQA, BS 1387 PEAQ plus P.56 Speech Level, Echo and Delay, DTMF Analysis.

Product Categories: VoxCritical.