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MultiDSLA v5.3.0 New Release

Today, we are proud to announce the first new release since Opale Systems took over Malden business. In addition to a number of bug fixes, and resolution of some stability issues, this release particularly incorporates 2 new features long awaited by many MultiDSLA users. → Register and get your update now! New Audio Streaming Integrity […]

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v5.3.0 MultiDSLA Upgrade How-To

We’ve just released the new MultiDSLA v5.3.0, and we hope you will enjoy all the great new features, and the improved stability of the system. But before anything else, and particularly before installing the new v5.3.0 software update, please ensure you do perform the required instructions steps described below. Because the new release takes into […]

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Wideband or Narrowband?

Phone services have seen an extension of the upper limit of audio frequency from the traditional 3.4kHz of PSTN to 7.5kHz for wideband. VoLTE and 4G services using AMR can be wideband. OTT or desktop applications can be 12kHz or up to super-wideband. Conferencing services may even be full-band.   How do you know whether […]

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MetricServer v1.2.0 released with POLQA v2.4

MetricServer v1.2.0 released with POLQA v2.4 and SQL 2012

Posted on: December 22nd, 2015 | Categories: New Releases

POLQA v2.4 – Notes on the Upgrade’s Behaviours (Part 1)

A new version of ITU-T Rec. P.863 POLQA is now included in MultiDSLA. Discover what has changed in v2.4.

Posted on: February 27th, 2015 | Categories: In More Depth, New Releases

Step Change a Test Parameter with MultiDSLA v5

Making measurements of the effects of step changes in parameters is much easier in MultiDSLA version 5.

Posted on: August 21st, 2014 | Categories: How-to, Lab, New Releases

New Features in MultiDSLA – Smartphone Control

Smartphone Control – A new option in MultiDSLA for managing mobile phone testing. The initial release supports Android; Blackberry, Windows and IOS support will follow. Automating mobile phone call set-up and teardown using the phone’s handsfree pushbutton and inbuilt facilities can be complicated. Smartphone Control simplifies the process and provides some useful data from the […]

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PEAQ added to MultiDSLA v4.3

MultiDSLA v4.3.0 now includes Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality ITU-R Rec. BS.1387. PEAQ compares a 48k reference music signal with the music replayed by a phone or MP3 player. A number of other enhancements are included in this release, including some improvements in the POLQA® implementation.

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POLQA added to MultiDSLA v4.2

The release of MultiDSLA v4.2 sees the arrival of ITU-T Rec. P.863 POLQA. A big step forward for speech quality measurement.

Posted on: September 12th, 2011 | Categories: New Releases

Process files with PESQ using MultiDSLA v4.1

This release adds a new File Processing option, improves debugging experience of call setup issues, provides improvements to node configuration management, allows opening and analysis of sound files, adds a new 3GPP2 acoustic test along with numerous other enhancements and bug fixes.

Posted on: August 8th, 2011 | Categories: New Releases