Speech Transmission Bandwidths

Wideband or Narrowband?

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Phone services have seen an extension of the upper limit of audio frequency from the traditional 3.4kHz of PSTN to 7.5kHz for wideband. VoLTE and 4G services using AMR can be wideband. OTT or desktop applications can be 12kHz or up to super-wideband. Conferencing services may even be full-band.   How do you know whether the signal you are receiving …

Nichecom appointed as Opale Systems Distributor in New Zealand

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We are pleased to announce that Nichecom has agreed to distribute our speech quality measurement systems in New Zealand. With offices in Tawa, Wellington, Nichecom offers and supports a wide range of telecommunication test and measurement products which complement our systems. www.nichecom.co.nz


Upgrading to Windows 10 Affects Softkeys

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MultiDSLA and other Malden applications can be installed and will run under Windows 10 Pro using softkey or dongle key management. If you are running MultiDSLA or SVN only on the Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8/8.1 Professional PC then upgrade MultiDSLA to v5.1.3 or SVN v 2.7.4 from the Software Maintenance Portal before commencing the in-place operating system upgrade. The …