Best Practice #1 : Monitor your WAN Performance

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Monitor your WAN Performance is the second article of our “Lose the frustration and regainc Visibility and control” article series. In the first episode we introduced 5 Best Practices applied in the real world by Network Engineers: Monitor your WAN Service Provider Validate VoIP/Video Monitoring Service Assurance WLAN Connectivity and Performance Network Audit and Troubleshooting Today we’ll discuss the 1st …

Network Engineers: Lose The Frustration And Regain Visibility and Control

spersyn How-to, Network Performance

This article depicts why and how enterprise network teams have seen their working environment totally transformed and become so complex in the past years. It then introduces 5 Network Engineer’s best practices that will, I hope, soothe your frustration of losing visibility, and show you how to regain full control of your end-user experience through your corporate network. The Digital …

InfinIT Services appointed as Distributor in Germany

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A customer for our speech quality measurement systems for many years, brightONE is moving into the provisioning of telecommunications test equipment and monitoring services. Malden is delighted to be a major partner. The brightONE team have years of experience in testing the speech quality of networks and handsets.

Frame Communications Ltd appointed as new Opale Systems reseller in the UK

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We are proud to announce that Frame Communications has agreed to distribute our reference speech quality testing and monitoring MultiDSLA solutions in the United Kingdom. Frame Communications Ltd supplies a wide range of Telecoms & Datacoms Test & Management solutions to Network Operators, Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators, Field Support Groups, Installers, Test Houses and End Users. The Company aims to …

J&Y Corporation appointed as new Opale Systems reseller in South Korea

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We are pleased to announce that J&Y Corporation has agreed to distribute both our MultiDSLA (speech quality measurement) and Qual IT – Video/VoIP monitoring – solutions in South Korea. Based in Seoul region, J&Y Sales and support teams are specialist experts in Voice and Speech Quality, and offer a wide range of services on Voice Artificial Intelligence (Voice AI) and …

Product Qualification for Bluetooth Audio Streaming

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Product qualification for local audio streaming has become more critical than ever Under ideal conditions, the streaming process has no effect on the music or voice listening experience, which is governed by the codec used, the quality of the transducers and their enclosures, and the expectation of the user. Under non-ideal conditions however, the streaming process can give rise to …

MultiDSLA used by Voice Quality Lab Engineer

MultiDSLA v5.3.0 New Release

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Today, we are proud to announce the first new release since Opale Systems took over Malden business. In addition to a number of bug fixes, and resolution of some stability issues, this release particularly incorporates 2 new features long awaited by many MultiDSLA users. → Register and get your update now! New Audio Streaming Integrity (ASI) Option. An innovative metric …

v5.3.0 MultiDSLA Upgrade How-To

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We’ve just released the new MultiDSLA v5.3.0, and we hope you will enjoy all the great new features, and the improved stability of the system. But before anything else, and particularly before installing the new v5.3.0 software update, please ensure you do perform the required instructions steps described below. Because the new release takes into account the new support and …

Malden has a new home, Opale Systems

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After 20 years delivering the best-performing speech quality measurement systems to network operators, infrastructure and handset manufacturers, Kevin Cross, CEO of Malden Electronics Ltd., decided it was time to hang up his famous DSLA and retire. Opale Systems, a J3TEL business unit, is now the new home of the respected Malden Speech Quality Assessment products MultiDSLA and MetricServer. We are specialists …